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Thank you for visiting my little store! I’m Kate and I create for you all the beautiful leather goods you can browse around. I am a full-time single mom of two boys, a vast reader, a video gamer, a volleyball player and a zombie movies lover; well, among many other things, including my passion for leather crafting.

LuckySevenLeather was born during a long quarantine in the first and heaviest pandemic wave in Greece, followed by divorce, isolation, two little kids hanging constantly on my sleeve, and deep depression. I consider myself as Lucky, for managing to get out of this darkness in one piece, one step at a time, day after day!

In LuckySevenLeather you will find Truly Handmade Leather Bracelets and small accessories, entirely made by hand – from cutting, to sculpting and tooling, to hand painting and hand stitching.

My only tools are cutting blades, metals and scissors, acrylics and threads. Each one of my creations is very special to me, made with love, care, passion and a strong statement of never, ever giving up.

Luckysevenleather is your story, exactly how you want it to be told.
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My craft, Your Story

"Amazing! Even better in person. Seller also included an additional personal item for me. Definitely recommend.."
Haley on Apr 3, 2023
"These bracelets and designs never cease to amaze me. This is another outstanding piece."
Alex on Apr 28, 2023
"This is beautiful and just like the picture and description! And I love the card holder too! Thank you! I love it and I am very happy! 🥰"
Kim on Feb 23, 2023
"Beautifully crafted, and very grateful for the gift. Thank you a ton!"
Josiah on Feb 4, 2023
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