Floral Long Phone Case Wallet


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This is a unique, one of a kind Floral Phone Case Wallet that you will love carrying everywhere with you! It is slim, taking little space in your purse or backpack, with a lot of space and pockets to keep your essentials at ease, adding a boho and romantic touch to your daily routine. 

The wallet offers two main slots for cards, that can take 3-4 cards each. A long half pocket for your phone, additional hidden slots for your cash (or secrets) and an extra long pocket in the back for cash, a notebook, pens, or anything you can think of. 

A large hand painted floral mandala heart decorates the outer side, adding even more to its cuteness!

This beauty is made of soft vachetta leather in warm brown, while pink tooled leather is used for the inside. Grey suede with silver details was used to pad the inside of the large back pocket.

Product Features:

Hand Painted, Hand Stitched

Multiple pockets for cash and cards

A Large pocket for mobile phone

Unique Piece, ready to ship

Made in Greece

Weight 0,08 kg


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A handmade long phone case wallet with hand painted floral design.Floral Long Phone Case Wallet

Availability: 1 in stock

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