Floral Tiger Card Wallet


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Small Floral Tiger Card Wallet made of a single piece of leather, that combines beauty and usability, to carry your essentials.

The Tiger as a spirit animal stands for strength and fearlessness. You strongly trust your guts and you are ready to act really fast, when neccessarry. Your Power Animal will always remind you how strong you are, and that you can overcome the hardest of obstacles – period.

A deeply laser engraved tiger outline decorates this beautiful  Floral Tiger Card Wallet with hand painted flowers and it is hand stitched with yellow and purple bees wax thread for a nice contrast.

This small Floral Tiger Card Wallet is super cute and makes a perfect last minute gift to any recipient.


Product Features:

Material: 100% Full Grain Leather

Outside: Laser Engraved Tiger Outline, Hand Painted, Sealed, Waterproof, Hand Stitched

Inside: A single compartment large enough to carry up to 5-7 cards and folded cash

Size: 7 X 10 cm

Recipient: Girls & Women

Made in Greece

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

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A woman holding a small, handmade brown leather card wallet with a tiger's outline and hand painted colorful flowers.Floral Tiger Card Wallet

Availability: 5 in stock

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