Hippie Leather Dog Tag


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Hippie Leather Dog Tag

Hippie Leather Dog Tag ID hexagon shaped and hand painted, featuring a travelling van and cheerful hand painted details. Several layers of high quality leather sealant provide maximum sturdiness and durability over time as also water resistance.

Write your dog’s name on the front and phone number and/or address on the back. This Hippie Leather Dog Tag is perfect for stacking with additional Leather Dog ID Tags to include all desired info, without jingling. Extremely Light weighted leaving your pet comfortable and happy, highlighting their personality.

The Hippie Leather Dog Tag measures 30mm x 40mm – The size can be also adjusted for a cat or kitten.

Product Features:

Material: 100% Full Grain Leather

Laser Engraved, Hand Stitched, Hand Painted, Sealed, Waterproof

Size: 35mm (can be adjusted to your desired size)

Silent, Lightweight

Perfect for stacking with additional tags

Comfortable fit

Ready to ship in 1-3 business days

Made in Greece

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A handmade hexagon shaped leather dog ID Tag, featuring a hand painted volkswagen outline and colorful flowers, attached on a dog collar.Hippie Leather Dog Tag

Availability: 10 in stock

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