Touch of Luxury: Stunning Leather Bracelets with Silver Elegance

Add a touch of class and sensuality to your outfits: These handmade, stunning leather bracelets with sterling silver elements and pendants combine the natural feel of leather with the shine of silver, creating a look that’s both stylish and affordable. Get ready to discover your new favorite accessory and your next best gift choice!

The Lotus Flower Bracelet

Stunning Silver 925 Lotus Flower Bracelet to add sensuality and femininity to any outfit!

Made of two layers of full grain and suede leather in earthy tones, this beautiful handmade bracelet features a handmade stelring silver lotus flower plate.

Lotus flowers represent spiritual enlightenment, growth, purity, and birth. The flower symbolizes one’s ability to perform their duty without being influenced by any desire, pleasure, or gain.

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The Gecko Bracelet

Upgrade your accessory collection with this stunning Sterling Silver Gecko Bracelet.

Made of full grain leather in layered design and earthy hues, this beautifully hand crafted bracelet features a handmade sterling silver plate with a gecko.

Lizards (in all their glorious forms) have major Shamanic significance illustrated in myths, mysticism, and magic.

Shamans say that Gecko’s are dream keepers who whisper esoteric secrets to fortunate humans in their sleep.

In Greek and Egypt, Lizard represented keen-mindedness and luck, Mediterranean people see Lizards as old, trusted family friends or kin.

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If Gecko Spirit Animal has come into your life, change, renewal, and rebirth are at hand, so be ready to adapt and stay flexible!

The Princess Tiara Bracelet

Made of full grain leather in chestnut dark brown tones, this vintage style bracelet features a handmade antique silver 925 princess tiara style plate, decorated with oxidized (blackened) details for extra depth and to prevent tarnishing.

The bracelet is made of natural leather and closes with double gunmetal buttons for a lifetime secured wear.

This dainty and stylish bracelet is perfect as a gift for the women in your life! Ideal choice for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, valentine, graduation, engagement, or as a just because gift to your girlfriend, sister, best friend and of course yourself.

The Arctic Wolf for the Modern Alpha

Silver 925 White Wolf Bracelet, dainty, elegant, stylish and with a powerful symbolism, to complete your outfits in style making a strong statement.

Known as Arctic wolves, the white wolf is a symbol of intuition and spirituality.

The Great White Fang symbolizes people’s desire for independence, freedom, and adventures that we all want.

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This beautifully hand crafted bracelet adds sensuality and a rebel’s attitude to any individual!

The Silver Doberman Bracelet (aka the Duke)

Sterling Silver Doberman Bracelet for men: A statement piece that won’t pass unnoticed!

This stunning leather bracelet is made of thick layers of chestnut brownfull grain leather, designed to embrace a man’s bold wrist with a strong grip, while with a comfortable fit.

Edgy yet elegant, this beautiful handmade leather cuff features a hand crafted sterling silver 925 Dobermann pendant.

Its robust and sleek design make it a true eye-catcher and a conversation starter!

Treat yourself or someone special a gift with a powerful symbolism that they will cherish for many years to come!

Dobermanns are known as fierce guard dogs and loyal companions, carrying a powerful spiritual meaning with them.

From their protective spirits to their deep connection to the Earth, many cultures view these majestic animals as having special talents and powers of protection.

Dobermanns encourage us to examine our inner strength and use it in service of others and ourselves.

Reaching down into the depths of your own courage can have the biggest impact on your life and the well-being of others.

The Eye of Providence Bracelet

Silver 925 All Seeing Eye Bracelet made of two layers of full grain leather in chestnut brown and charcoal gray.

A perfect gift for the men in your life, this striking silver 925 Eye of Providence pendant dominates on this handmade adjustable leather bracelet.

Personalize it! Write your special message on the inside and treat yourself a stylish accessory with a deep symbolism, or offer it as a gift to someone special.

Soft, durable, with fine polished edges for the most comfortable fit. The bracelet is perfectly wearable on its own or combined with additional accessories to create your own, personal layering look.

The earthy hues makes it easy to pair with every outfit.

The Forest Fox Cuff

This Silver Forest Fox Cuff is a magnificent tribute to the spirit of the wild and a symbol of women’s strength and independence.

Wear it to celebrate the strength of the wild spirit that resides within you, or to embrace the elegance of nature’s colors in your everyday style.

The Green Aventurine Bracelet

Made of full grain leather in chestnut brown hues and with a layered style, this stunning handmade green Aventurine leather bangle is the perfect addition to your accessories collection.

A large, natural green Aventurine stone is handcut and set upon a handmade polished silver 925 cabochon for a striking contrast.

Green aventurine is a soothing and harmonizing stone known for its calming energy and association with abundance and prosperity.

It is believed to attract luck, opportunity, and financial success, making it a popular stone for manifesting abundance and achieving goals.

Green aventurine is also associated with the heart chakra, promoting emotional healing, compassion, and empathy. It is thought to bring balance and harmony to relationships, encouraging growth and renewal.

One Size and adjustable, closing with silver snap fasteners, this bracelet is perfect for both men and women.

The Red Carnelian Bracelet

One of a kind Natural Red Carnelian Bracelet. Made of full grain leather in chestnut brown hues and with a layered style, this stunning handmade leather bangle is the perfect addition to your accessories collection.

A large, natural red Carnelian stone is handcut and set upon a handmade polished silver 925 cabochon for a striking contrast.

Red carnelian is a vibrant and energizing stone known for its fiery hue and powerful properties. It is believed to stimulate creativity, motivation, and courage, making it an excellent stone for those seeking inspiration or embarking on new ventures.

Additionally, red carnelian is thought to enhance vitality, passion, and confidence, promoting a sense of warmth and vitality. This stone is also associated with the sacral chakra, encouraging a healthy flow of energy and fostering emotional balance and creativity.

One Size and adjustable, closing with silver snap fasteners, this bracelet is perfect for both men and women.

The She-Wolf Cuff

Embrace the Power of the She-Wolf with this Silver Forest She Wolf Cuff, a wearable masterpiece that captures the essence of strength, desire, and resilience. Designed for women who embrace their inner power, this chunky leather cuff is a bold statement of individuality.

The X-Ray Skull Replica Bracelet

Total Black 3D Silver 925 Skull Black Leather Cuff in layered style, featuring a stunningly detailed handmade Oxidized Silver 3D Skull. This rebellious leather cuff is made of three layers of black full grain leather, hand stitched with strong beeswax thread in black and dark gray.

Stylish and edgy, the bracelet’s layered look is giving it a unique and fashionable touch, while it lightweigth, soft and with a comfortable fit. The centerpiece of the bracelet is a handmade oxidized silver 3D skull designed according to a real Xray of a skull.

This bracelet is a statement piece that is sure to turn heads and spark a conversation! It is likely to be a popular choice for those who enjoy bold, unconventional jewelry and want to make a statement with their accessories.

One bracelet at a time!

All bracelets are entirely made by hand – my hands – one bracelet at a time! Whether you’re seeking a gift for a cherished friend, a beloved family member, or that special someone, these beautiful pieces offer a touch of luxury and a dash of personality.

Which one is your favorite?

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