Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Gift-giving can be challenging, especially when it comes to teenagers. My eldest turns 12 next month, and I can feel the change already! Things he loved, no longer cares about; while things that never mattered, now are a priority (is my hair okay? Why this hoodie doesn't have pockets? Hey, where's my phone?) 

I was wondering how I could put of use my skills and make some fun and loving accessories for the young little men and ladies out there.  Last months birthday parties of my kids friends helped a lot and offered some fun conversations with the kids and their parents, giving me some great ideas. 

In this blog post, I've put together a list of handmade leather gifts that your teen will love. From personalized bracelets to small wallets, there's something for everyone. So, let's dive in and find the perfect pick!

A handmade leather bracelet is an excellent gift for any teenage girl. It's a versatile accessory that can be worn every day and paired with almost any outfit. Plus, it is unique and one-of-a-kind. You can choose from a range of colors and styles to find the perfect bracelet for your daughter. Here are some of my best choices:

The Peace & Doves Bracelet with a secret message:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

A simple yet artistic and with a powerful statement bracelet, decorated with deep engraving and hand painted doves and flowers. Casual style that can pair easily with every outfit, while it can carry a special message on the inside. 

The Toucan Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

This was an amazing mom's idea and I had so much fun making it. The irregular shape gave it a rebellious attitude (because teens like doing things their own way), while the toucan itself is a symbol of self-confidence. Makes a perfect gift with a powerful symbolism and a great taste of humor for your noisy teen girl!

The Hand Painted Butterfly Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

This beauty is one of my best selling bracelets for young ladies. Butterflies are so loved creatures that symbolize so many positive life values! Freedom, transformation, innocence, growth, powerful symbolisms to reach deep in our souls. This hand painted butterfly bracelet is soft and comfortable, decorated with hand painted butterflies in bright and cheerful colors and hand stitched with beeswax thread. You can add your own personal touch on the inside with a special message. 

A Minimalist Personalized Leather Bracelet.

If you like a more discreet look but still want to give your teen a gift that's truly special, consider a personalized leather bracelet from my collection. You can have their name or a meaningful quote engraved on the bracelet. It's a thoughtful and sentimental gift that will be treasured for years to come. Here are two of my best picks:

The Dragonfly/Star Minimalist Secret Message Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)


 This minimalist leather bracelet is the perfect accessory for any style. Unisex and versatile, it can be worn by both boys and girls and pairs well with any outfit. Choose among the Dragonfly and the Star and write your special message on the inside, offering a little and discreet gift to your teen with its words known only to them.

The Simple Personalized Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

This is another simple leather band that offers personalization on its top - but you can still request second personalization on the inside, too, for FREE!

Write your teen's name, a special date, a song title, or anything that makes the absolute sense to you both and never forget your best moments!

A charm bracelet is a fun and playful accessory that your daughter will love. You can choose your best to show your daughter how much you care and make her feel special. The best part is that all of them are one-of-a-kind and your teen girl can be proud for wearing a bracelet unique in the whole world!

The Pegasus Charm Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Girly, fresh and with an adventurous spirit. 

The Lucky Clover Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Dainty, girly and elegant strap bracelet with a tibetan lucky clover charm, it is lightweight and with a comfortable fit.

The Lock & Key Bracelet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Lightweight and with a comfortable fit, this leather strap bracelet is dainty and cute, with two tiny tibetan lock and key charms dangling beautifully.

Not fan of bracelets? We have more to discover! Let's move on to the keychains that can be also used as backpacks decorations. My sons had me to make them keychains for both their schoolbags, backpacks and their set of keys! (Fun Fact: I made keychains for almost every kid at their school since they saw those.)

The Gamer's Shoolbag Tag: 

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

This super cool School Bag Tag came as a suggestion from my sons and they even guided me to their design! Made of full grain leather in two brown tones, laser engraved and hand painted with acrylics, sealed for water resistance, this School Bag Tag combines usability with a true gamer's attitude.

Perfect to attach to your kid's school bag, personalized with their name and class, or any other info or special message. It makes also an ideal choice as a personalized party favor for your kid's guests, while it can be used as a keychain or luggage tag.

The Cute Floral Keyfobs:

 Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Cute little leather keyfobs personalized with a monogram, name, initials, a special date or word in more than one writing styles. Made of full grain leather and decorated with a second layer with a hand painted design, these super cute and cheerful leather keychains make a perfect last minute gift for your teen and a fun accessory.

The Peace & Doves Keychain:

 Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Bring a message of peace wherever you go with this beautiful handmade long leather keychain. Featuring a laser engraved and hand painted peace symbol and doves, this keychain is a unique and meaningful accessory. Personalize it on the back side with your special message, with a lot of space to work with. It can carry from your teen's name, to a song's lyrics.

The small Daisy Keychain:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

Another cute little keychain decorated with a hand painted daisy and bright green stitching. You can personalize it on the back with a name, initials or short text. Perfect decoration to the keys or the backpack. 

Discover more cute little leather keychains for your teen, here.

Last but not least: A Leather Wallet! A small leather wallet is a great gift for a teenager who likes to stay organized. It's a practical accessory that can be used to store cash, cards, and other small items. You can choose from a range of colors and styles to find a wallet that suits your teen's taste.

 The Mini Wallet:

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

These little cuties are my favorites. I made them with super colorful leather scraps and remnants and they offer surprisingly huge space for cash, cards and coins. 

The mini silver pouch: 

Handmade Leather Gifts for your teen! (including a Toucan)

A cute little wallet made of silver leather, decorated with a laser engraved and hand painted floral feather design and hand stitched with purple beeswax thread.

More similar cute little wallets here. While you can discover a lot more of my hand painted cards wallets with animals, in this super fun collection.

Yes, we are finally at the end! I hope you had fun. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your teen, these handmade leather accessories are always a great option. Whether it's a personalized bracelet, a custom keychain, or a small wallet, there's something for every taste and style. 

See you next time!



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