About me

Hi there! Thank you for your time to visit my little store and this page. I'm Kate and I will be creating for you all the beautiful leather goods you can browse around. I am a full-time single mom of two boys, a vast reader, a video gamer, a volleyball player and a zombie movies lover; well, among many other things, including my passion for leather crafting. 


I could never guess how deeply I would fall for this great material and the art of creating unique accessories that speak for themselves, making people related to them. As my libero position in the team, one thing I have learned in my life for good - and most of the times, I learned it by the hard way: The game is still on, as long as you keep the ball on the air. 


LuckySevenLeather was born after a long quarantine during the first and heaviest pandemic wave in Greece, followed by a divorce, isolation, two little kids hanging constantly on my sleeve, and deep depression. I consider myself as Lucky, for managing to get out of this darkness in one piece, one step at a time, day after day. 

Seven, is considered to be a blessed angel number, the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual) and it was the protecting amulet against depression that I needed so much.

In LuckySevenLeather you will find Unique & Personalized Leather Bracelets and Accessories to complete your outfit in luxury and style, entirely made by hand, from cutting, to sculpting and tooling, to hand painting and hand stitching, by a single leather artisan. My only tools are a cutting blade and a scissors, along with my acrylics and thread. Each one of my creations is very special to me, made with so much love, care, passion and a strong statement of never, ever giving up.


I hope it becomes your special, too.