I gathered all the questions I am usually asked. I hope you can find your answers. If not, you know what to do: Get in touch with me :) 

Just wondering:

 - Is this safe to buy?

Absolutely. This is a new store and you can check both of my Etsy Shops, LuckySevenLeather and Skeelucky. In this store you will find a combination of products of both Etsy Shops. 

- Why there are products in your Etsy Shop that I can't find them here?

In my Etsy Shop I have more products because I also put pieces that are one of a kind and cannot make again once they are sold. In this little store here, I have the products I can make again and again. It is for practical reasons. 

- Why prices are different in each store?

Because of the different fees I have to pay in each platform. 

 - Are those reviews even real?

Actually, no one ever asked me this question. But in case you wonder (and it's good to wonder) yes, they are real reviews from real people who kindly left their awesome feedback to my Etsy Shop (and you might want to read how I got a 1-star review :)

- Are those products really handmade?

Yes, and I am proud about it. I make every single product entirely by hand. I have a small laser engraver to personalize your accessories, but other than that, I cut, shape, stitch and paint everything by hand.

I am very tempted to buy a stitching machine, but a) it is too expensive, b) I have no place to put it c) I am not sure if my products will still be considered as 100% handmade. I might buy one once I start getting 20 orders per day and we will talk again about it. 

- I want something specific and I can't find it in your store.

Good! That's a great way to get in touch. In this page you will find all contact options, or you can just drop me an email in luckysevenleather@gmail.com. 

- I like something in your store, but I want a different color. 

Awesome! I would love to help you bring your idea into life: Get it touch with me and we discuss all options. 

- I want personalization on a bracelet that doesn't offer that option.

Shame on me. I'm still working on my listings, please drop me a message and we will fix it. 

- I bought the wrong size! What do I do?

Don't worry! You can send it back to me and I will replace it for free (you only pay for the shipping costs. If it is a personalized item, please get in touch with me and we will find the best solution.

 - I want to ask for a custom product, but what if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

You don't have to buy it if you don't like it. I bet someone else will - that's why I will just put it for sale (or I might keep it for myself ;) )

- I bought something but changed my mind, can I cancel?

I would like to know what made you change your mind, but yes, you can. Just make sure you get in touch with me before the package is shipped. 


Preparation, Packaging, Shipment and Returns:

- How long does it take you to prepare my order?

Your order will be prepared and shipped in 1-3 business days, unless I get 20 orders daily (which I don't), so don't worry, I'm quick. 

- How do you package my order?

I use recyclable cushioned mailer. You will receive a flat nevelope, but don't worry about your bracelet's shape; it will restore perfetly. This flat packaging is to keep the shipping cost as low as possible (which is, in our case, an also flat 3 euros cost)

- Can I track my package?

Absolutely. All orders are shipped as A Priority Registered Airmail with tracking information.

-How much is the shipping cost?

3 euros. 

 - When will my order arrive?

Ah. My favorite (not) question. Well, once I drop the package to the post office, it is out of my control. However, you will always receive a tracking number to monitor it, and by experience I can tell you some estimates: 

for Greece: 3-5 business days

for Europe: 5-9 business days

for Australia: 15-25 business days

for US/Canada: 15-25 business days.

Okay, this is the tricky part. I had orders that delivered in a week and I was delighted. But I also had orders that took longer than a month to arrive. However, this might happen only in November. Occasionally, something might get stuck in Chicago for a while (always Chicago is slow for some reason). Good thing is, they are not lost. Bad thing is, we both have to wait. So you might want to have this in mind if you plan to shop for holidays. 

- What is your return policy?

You can always send your product back to me and you will be fully refunded. However, you will have to cover the shipping costs and it must be in its initial condition so I can put it back to sale. For personalized products please get in touch with me and we will find a solution.