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Natural Turquoise Bracelet

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Natural Turquoise Bracelet to uplift your accessory game this upcoming Spring and Summer, to add sensuality and femininity to any outfit!

Natural Turquoise Bracelet to uplift your accessory game this upcoming Spring and Summer.

This beautiful handmade leather bracelet is the perfect addition to your collection! Natural, asymmetrical Turquoise stones rest upon its top, making this boho bracelet an ideal choice to complete any casual outfit. The tiny silver spacer beads add a discreet and bright contrast, giving this bracelet sensuality and a more feminine look.

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Adjustable size to fit every woman’s wrist – wear it without fear!

Natural turquoise symbolizes healing, protection, and tranquility. With its vibrant blue-green hue, it represents the soothing energy of the sky and sea.

Turquoise is famous for its ability to promote emotional balance and spiritual well-being. Consequently, it embodies the qualities of serenity and resilience. In many cultures, natural turquoise is revered as a protective stone that fosters health and harmony.

As a symbol of protection, turquoise inspires us to safeguard our well-being and cultivate positive energy. In modern times, natural turquoise reminds us of the importance of emotional balance and the healing power of nature. Ultimately, turquoise stands as a symbol of healing, protection, and tranquility, guiding us toward a harmonious and serene existence.

One of a kind last minute gift to someone special.

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