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Red Carnelian Silver Bracelet

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Carnelian is known to bring energy and creativity, making this Red Carnelian Silver Bracelet a vibrant addition to any look.

A bold Natural Red Carnelian Silver Bracelet set in a hand crafted sterling silver pendant.

Made of two layers of full grain leather in dark brown hues for a striking contrast, this bracelet is a stunning one of a kind piece of leather jewelry that will not pass unnoticed!

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Carnelian is known to bring energy and creativity, making this piece a vibrant addition to any look.

Red carnelian is a vibrant and energizing gemstone that embodies vitality, courage, and creativity. Its rich, fiery hues evoke the life force and the power of action. Throughout history, various cultures have revered carnelian, including the ancient Egyptians who valued it for its protective and motivational properties.

This gemstone radiates the energy of passion and determination, encouraging boldness and the pursuit of one’s goals. Red carnelian’s allure lies in its ability to stimulate and empower. It boosts confidence and self-esteem, making it a go-to stone for overcoming challenges and achieving success. In modern times, red carnelian inspires us to harness our inner strength and tap into our creative potential.

The bracelet is adjustable for an easy wear to any wrist and makes a fantastic gift for spreading positivity!

One Size and adjustable, fits S/M and M/L wrists. Snap Fasteners closure.


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