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Set of 2 Yin Yang Matching Bracelets

38,00  Inc. Vat

Discover the ultimate symbol of balance, unity, and eternal connections with our set of 2 Yin Yang Matching Bracelets.

Discover the ultimate symbol of balance, unity, and eternal connections with our Yin Yang Matching Bracelets. This set of two adjustable full grain leather cuffs is a handcrafted masterpiece, handmade with love and care.

Each bracelet features an intricate layered design, representing the harmonious dance of yin and yang. When worn together, the half yin yang charms beautifully complete each other, symbolizing the perfect union of two souls.

One bracelet boasts a white half yin yang charm, elegantly attached to a white leather base with a contrasting black layer. The other bracelet features a black half yin yang symbol, gracefully set on a black leather base with a pristine white layer. Together, they mirror the essence of cosmic duality.

Gender-neutral, elegant, and stylish, these bracelets are a perfect match for all ages. Embrace the profound meaning of unity and adorn your wrists as a couple, best friends, or soulmates. Let these bracelets symbolize the enduring bond that transcends time and space. Wondering which bracelet fits your style? This is the answer!

Celebrate the beauty of balance and the enduring power of your relationship with our Yin Yang Matching Bracelets. Express your shared journey and the inherent connection you both hold dear. Wear this timeless symbol and carry the spirit of unity wherever you go.

Embrace the essence of eternal harmony with these exquisite matching bracelets—a testimony to the undeniable bond you cherish. Step into the world of profound connections and remarkable style—immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of yin and yang.

The bracelets measure 1.5 cm / 0.41 inches wide.


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