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Silver 925 Lotus Flower Bracelet

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Stunning Silver 925 Lotus Flower Bracelet to add sensuality to any outfit! Lotus symbolizes the ability to perform without being influenced by any desire.

Stunning Silver 925 Lotus Flower Bracelet to add sensuality and femininity to any outfit!

Made of two layers of full grain and suede leather in earthy tones, this beautiful handmade bracelet features a handmade stelring silver lotus flower plate.

Lotus flowers represent spiritual enlightenment, growth, purity, and birth. The flower symbolizes one’s ability to perform their duty without being influenced by any desire, pleasure, or gain.

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Rising from muddy waters, it blooms with pristine petals. This transformation represents the journey from darkness to light. Therefore, the lotus is a powerful symbol of resilience and rebirth. In many cultures, particularly Eastern traditions, it holds profound spiritual significance. Consequently, it embodies the essence of enlightenment and higher consciousness.

Emerging stronger and more enlightened, we find hope. In modern symbolism, the lotus reminds us to embrace inner growth. It also prompts us to strive for purity of mind and spirit. Therefore, the lotus serves as a metaphor for overcoming adversity. Achieving spiritual clarity, it stands as a symbol of hope and transformation. Ultimately, it guides us toward inner peace and enlightenment.

Surprise your special lady with this elegant bracelet that they will cherish for years and enjoy wearing all day long.

The bracelet measures 2 cm wide and closes with snap fasteners.


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