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Silver Doberman Bracelet

48,00  Inc. Vat

Sterling Silver Doberman Bracelet: A statement piece that won’t pass unnoticed! Dobermanns are known as fierce guards, carrying a powerful symbolism.

Sterling Silver Doberman Bracelet for men: A statement piece that won’t pass unnoticed!

This stunning leather bracelet is made of thick layers of chestnut brownfull grain leather, designed to embrace a man’s bold wrist with a strong grip, while with a comfortable fit.

Edgy yet elegant, this beautiful handmade leather cuff features a hand crafted sterling silver 925 Dobermann pendant.

Its robust and sleek design make it a true eye-catcher and a conversation starter!

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Treat yourself or someone special a gift with a powerful symbolism that they will cherish for many years to come!

Dobermanns are known as fierce guard dogs and loyal companions, carrying a powerful spiritual meaning with them.

From their protective spirits to their deep connection to the Earth, many cultures view these majestic animals as having special talents and powers of protection.

Dobermanns encourage us to examine our inner strength and use it in service of others and ourselves.

Reaching down into the depths of your own courage can have the biggest impact on your life and the well-being of others.

The bracelet measures 3 cm / 1.10 inches wide and closes with snap fasteners.


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