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Unisex Black Onyx Bracelet

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In chestnut brown and black hues, this casual, Unisex Black Onyx Bracelet is designed to add sensuality to any outfit, while it is perfect to stack your arm.

A beautiful, handmade Unisex Black Onyx Bracelet to complete any outfit in style.

Minimalist and elegant boho leather bangle featuring a silver spiral charm and decorated with a row of black Onyx and Hematite beads.

Black onyx symbolizes protection, strength, and grounding. With its deep, dark hue, it represents the power to absorb and transform negative energy. Black onyx is famous for its ability to provide emotional and physical strength. Consequently, it embodies the qualities of resilience and stability. In many cultures, black onyx is a protective stone that shields against negativity.

In chestnut brown and black hues, this casual bracelet is designed to add sensuality to any outfit!

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The Spiral represents ongoing growth and change. It encourages us to embrace our personal evolution and the natural cycles of life.

As a symbol of development, the spiral inspires us to seek continuous improvement and self-discovery. In modern times, it reminds us of the importance of progress and the interconnectedness of all things.

Ultimately, the spiral stands as a symbol of growth, evolution, and the beautiful, ever-changing journey of life.

Hematite is a grounding and stabilizing stone known for its protective properties. It is believed to absorb negative energies from the environment, leaving you feeling balanced and centered.

As a symbol of protection, hematite inspires us to guard against negativity and focus on our goals. In modern times, it reminds us of the importance of grounding and the power of inner strength.

This beautiful Unisex Black Onyx Bracelet is perfectly wearable by both men and women – an ideal addition to your accessories collection.

The bracelet measures 1.8 cm wide and closes with a stud button, offering several openings for adjusting.



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