Travel in Style with the Best Fashionable Globetrotters Accessories

Globetrotters have an innate sense of adventure and an eye for fashion. If you’re a wanderlust soul or know someone who is, we have the perfect article for you. Discover the best, handmade, fashionable leather travel accessories that add a touch of style to every journey.

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Travel-friendly Leather Backpacks & Bags: The Chic Wanderer’s Companion

A beautiful, travel-inspired  photo collage with travel destinations and handmade leather travel bags.

Fashionable globetrotters need a reliable companion for their travels. Opt for a leather backpack or travel bag that combines style and functionality.

A photo collage of handmade leather travel accessories.

With multiple compartments and a sleek design, leather backpacks and travel bags are perfect for stowing away essentials while adding an elegant touch to your travel outfit. Moreover, they are extremely durable, and can and will accompany you to every journey in your life. (Did I mention that they will look even better year after year?)

Embrace the Journey:

In the photo above, one of my favorite Travel Bags – a beautifull blend of artistry and functionality. Crafted from premium oil-pull chrome-tanned cow skin, this 15×12.5-inch leather treasure is the epitome of elegance. Secure your belongings with ease, thanks to the robust YKK zipper, nylon strap, and polyester braided thread. Stay organized with a practical layout, featuring a laptop compartment, main compartment, and an external pocket.

Elevate your travels with this handcrafted leather gem – a perfect blend of style and convenience for your adventures ahead. Made with love by my friend Roshi, aka “Old Fur”. Check out his amazing work and (ridiculously astonishing) photos in his Instagram Profile and prepare to leave you stunned.

Statement Sunglasses: Shades of Wanderlust

A photo collage of handmade leather eyewear cases.

Make a style statement while protecting your eyes from the sun’s rays with statement sunglasses. Oversized frames, reflective lenses, or vintage-inspired designs add a dash of glamour to any adventure.

Go for a stylish handmade leather eyewear case to store your sunglasses safely while getting ready for a night out.

The most stylish eyewear case you ever had, made by Goodvibes Leather

My friend Julian, aka Goodvibes Leather, loves to create top quality accessories that stand out, while experimenting with the most fun color combinations (and the weirdest techniques).

So, let me introduce you The Quirky & Chic Fujitou Leather Eyewear Case! Crafted with Kip Vegtan leather, this case takes style and protection to a whole new level – talking fashion fortress for your precious specs!

He went wild with creativity and used Roapas, the Japanese dye wizardry, mixed with soap to create a bubbly spectacle. Yep, he blew bubbles like kids with a straw! (who said leather crafting can’t have a little fun?)

Embrace the fusion of chic and creativity as your eyewear enjoys its luxurious home in this whimsical masterpiece. With Fujitou leather, Kip Vegtan magic, and bubble-blowing expertise, your eyewear is in for a treat! Trust me; your sunglasses will be grinning from ear to ear (if they had ears). Say hello to the quirkiest eyewear case in town – it’s about time your glasses traveled in style!

Passport Holders: Elegant Travel Documents

A travel-inspired photo collage with travel destinations and handmade leather passport covers.

You wouldn’t travel in style without a chic passport holder that reflects your personality. Choose from classic leather passport sleeves or opt for personalized holders with artistic engravings. Handmade leather passport holders, are not only functional but also meaningful keepsakes of your globetrotting journeys. For even more functionality, pick a leather passport case that offers extra compartments for your most used cards, like the above – also made by my friend Old Fur.

Journey in Style:

Elegant Leather Passport Cover – a perfect fusion of practicality and sophistication. Designed to fit passports snugly, this cover measures 14×10 cm, making it an ideal travel companion.

Crafted with attention to detail, it features 1 passport slot, keeping your passport safe and secure throughout your adventures. Stay organized with 2 card slots, offering easy access to your essential cards.

Additionally, the cover includes a dedicated slot for folded cash, ensuring you have your currency ready whenever needed. Embrace the convenience and elegance of this leather passport cover, safeguarding your most valuable travel document in style.

Embodying the spirit of exploration and crafted with soft and durable leather, this passport cover is a true testament to the artistry of travel.

Timeless Watches: A Touch of Elegance Across Time Zones

A travel-inspired photo collage of handmade leather wristwatch bands.

A fashionable timepiece is a globetrotter’s essential. Classic leather strap watches exude elegance and complement any travel ensemble. Choose a versatile design that transitions seamlessly from exploring new cities to attending stylish soirées. While checking time when traveling is a big no-no (you are there to have fun, remember?), you wouldn’t want to miss the tour-bus, the live-event, or worse, your flight (or would you? I would. Definitely.)

Wanderlust-inspired Jewelry: A Token of Adventures

A photo collage of handmade leather bracelets with bohemian and ethnic mood.

Adorn yourself with jewelry that keeps your travel memories close to your heart. Delicate leather wrap bracelets with ethnic charms and motifs, boho leather cuffs with semi-precious stones evoke the joy of exploration.

A two photos collage of a smiling woman and a handmade leather wrap bracelet.

For a stylish touch, consider handmade leather bracelets with wooden beads, charms, ethnic designs and bohemian mood that signify your globetrotting spirit. Make a chunky leather bracelet your own personal statement.

Comfy Travel Shoes: Style Meets Practicality

A beautiful travel-inspired photo collage with travel destinations, travelers and handmade leather travel accessories.

All fashionable globetrotters know the value of comfortable yet stylish shoes. Go for leather sandals or sneakers that offer both fashion and functionality. Leather shoes not only elevate your travel attire but also ensure durability and support for exploring new destinations. With this in mind, handcrafted leather footwear complements your outfit with sophistication.

Small Wallets and Multi-Purpose Bags

A photo collage of handmade leather wallets with compact size, perfect for traveling.

Small wallets and multipurpose bags are the globetrotter’s ultimate accessory, offering versatility and style. Choose a lightweight and compact leather wallet to carry your most used cards and few cash. My dear friend Jeff, aka Sunrise Leather Co knows best about functionality, quality and compact style. Make sure you check out his amazing work in his Etsy Shop, and enjoy a lifetime repair and replacement guarantee (which I assure you that you won’t need it, this guy makes things to last you two lifetimes).

A photo collage of handmade leather wallets and travel bags.

Handmade leather multi-purpose bags can store all the little things you have to bring with you and have them handy right when you need them. Truth is, those knick-knacks are never enough. My dear friend Melissa – aka Turbo for pals, is not just another leather crafter – she is a true Artist (yes, with a big damn “A”). She puts her heart and soul in her creations and I promise you that once you have her goodies in your hands, there is no turning back: You will instantly fall in love.

Don’t forget to check out her master-of-badassery Insta profile and watch as miracles are happening, while being quick when heading to her site DadHands.Ca, because, well, first comes, first served.

Turbs also has a heart that can carry the whole world inside, and she offers a hand to any fellow crafter – beginner or not. Her awesome tutorials will make you want to get too, your hands rough and dirty.

A photo collage of small handmade leather goods, wallets and keychains.

Remember those knick-knacks? When hitting the road, we all know it’s the little things that matter most (and we mean REALLY little!). So, say hello to the knick knacks holders: The cutest leather teddy bear keychains by Goodvibes Leather that will keep those quirky travel buddies safe (and that you never knew you needed!)

Travel-friendly Camera Bags: Capture Memories in Style

A travel-inspired photo collage of travel destinations and travelers with cameras.

For photography enthusiasts, a travel-friendly camera bag is a must. Opt for leather camera bags that keep your equipment safe while exuding timeless elegance. Leather camera straps or wraps add a touch of sophistication to your photography gear, making every shot a work of art.

Artistic Travel Journals: A Canvas of Memories

A photo collage with traveling memories, captured in handmade leather journal covers.

Capture your travel memories in an artistic travel journal that doubles as a keepsake. Handmade leather travel journals, embellished with intricate artwork, offer a unique blend of fashion and creativity. These journals become cherished possessions that preserve your adventures and artistic impressions.

Embrace Your Adventures:

This beautiful Leather Covered Travel Journal is the perfect companion for your wanderlust-filled journeys. This A5-sized travel diary boasts 200 pages of your choice, from normal to coffee-tinted or watercolor paper, allowing you to capture every moment in style.

Crafted with precision and elegance but also functionality in mind, this journal features 1 slot for your passport, keeping your essential travel companion secure. Keep your cards organized with the convenient card slot and stay prepared with the slot for currency bills.

The journal’s nubuck leather covering stands the test of time and travels. And with a snap button closure, your memories and inspirations are safeguarded throughout your adventures.

Write your wanderlust tales, sketch your impressions, and document your cherished memories in this timeless leather-covered travel journal – a cherished keepsake of your journeys around the world. Made with love by Old Fur.

Travel-inspired Hats: Sun Protection with Style

A travel-inspired photo collage with travelers enjoying their trips wearing handmade leather hats.

Complete your travel look with a fashionable hat that provides sun protection and elevates your style. Leather-trimmed hats or handcrafted leather bands around wide-brimmed hats add a bohemian touch to your travel wardrobe.

In Conclusion

Travel in style with fashionable globetrotter accessories that reflect your love for fashion and adventure. From chic leather backpacks and statement sunglasses to wanderlust-inspired jewelry and handcrafted leather bracelets, each accessory becomes a unique expression of your globetrotting spirit.

Special Credits:

This beautiful presentation of stylish, handmade leather travel accessories wouldn’t come into life without the exceptional creativity and craftsmanship of my fellow talented leather crafters, who pour their heart and soul into each one of their creations.

As it seems, these guys are not only skilled with their leather tools, creating one-of-a-kind goodies for you that will last you a lifetime, but they are also amazing photographers. Make sure to visit their instagram profiles to discover more of their gems.

My heartfelt appreciation to all of you, for sharing your remarkable work with me and making this project a resounding success.

A Special Thank You to:

my friend Roshi aka Old Fur who never stops leaving me stunned with his pictures.

my friend Turbs aka Dad Hands who never stops fueling my badassery fire.

my friend Julian aka Goodvibes Leather who never stops making me smile every time I see his creations.

my friend Jeff aka Sunrise Leather who never stops putting the little snowman in his wallets just because I asked it.

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