Waste Materials at their best: Unique Bracelets from Leather Remnants

My inspiration for this small collection of unique Bracelets from Leather Remnants came from two directions: a 60 year old knitted blanket, and my box of wonders.

But let me show you first, what is in the box of wonders.

Box of leather scraps and remnants - Bracelets from Waste Materials Blog Post
My “box of wonders” – a 40X60 box full of leather scraps and remnants.

It all began with a handful of tiny leather leftovers from a project. They had weird and funny shapes, chopped edges and looked like a cute mess.

My heart didn’t let me throw them away – and my pocket agreed: “I paid for them, didn’t I?”

But I had no clue how to use them and what I could possibly make with them.

So, I let them sit in a bowl, which later became a shoe box, and later became that big ass 40 X 60 box of wonders.

ONCE I KNEW that I needed an extra box, I seriously sat myself down to find a solution. There must be something I can do with these tons of leather scraps and remnants! And I didn’t want to go with the most obvious option – scrap earrings. I wanted to make Bracelets from Leather Remnants!

(To be completely honest, I came up with these scrap bracelets after having three full boxes of wonders. Yes, 3 of them. Count one box for a year or so, it makes us almost three years of “me serious thinking” LOL)

And this is where patchwork enters the chat.

Here is my little treasure:

Hand Knitted Blanket - Bracelets from Waste Materials Blog Post
My 60 year old blanket – hand knitted by my great grand mother.

This blanket is 60 years old. That, by its self, is a good reason to consider it a treasure. But in my case, where I have been clumsy and chaotic with my belongings, being able to cherish this blanket and have it still with me after 25 years, surviving all my student-life-wild-night-life, empty Drambuie bottles and Camel packs, high heels, one apartment fire, one flood, two kids, one divorse and about 7 (or maybe 9?) movings, this is a DAMN MIRACLE.

I will get back to the above in a future post, maybe – to my defense, I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke for years.

But first, patchwork.

So, my great grandmother made this blanket for her daughter – my mom, when she was born. I swear to you, it hasn’t lost a single stitch (which leads to another serious conversation: Fast Fashion VS the good ol’ times fashion. Save that for a future post, too). What does this have to do with Bracelets from Leather Remnants? Hang on!

Patchwork Art Photo Collage - Bracelets from Waste Materials Blog Post
I am in just in love with patchwork creations!

Patchwork’s adaptability has made it a versatile medium for creating a wide range of objects. It’s not just limited to blankets and tapestries; patchwork has been used to create clothing, accessories, furniture, home décor, and even art installations.

The tricky part is to combine tiny scraps to create accessories – like trying to make a patchwork quilt, but much, much smaller. Small enough, to fit around your wrist.

Here is what I came up with! My Bracelets from Leather Remnants:

Patchwork Leather Scrap Bracelet - Bracelets from Waste Materials
Boho Extravaganza: A Patchwork of Textures and Festival Vibes!

This textured cuff is not just a bold accessory, but a stress-relieving work of art. Hair on hide, suede cord, dangling feather and cute little rivets on a chunky cuff that speaks for itself.

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Leather Scrap Bracelet - Bracelets from Waste Materials
Extra Wide Patchwork Style Cuff made of leather scraps and remnants

This super fun bracelet came out better! Practice makes perfect, I guess 🙂 This one is just pleasant to the touch and a perfect companion to soothe your busy mind. Glossy, furry, textured, decorated with colorful shiny rivets, buttons and charms, it has its own personality while it can complement your casual outfits.

Bracelets from Waste Materials
The Asymmetrical Patchwork Cuff – A Textured Leather Bracelet with a Touch of Elegance!

The third one, is my personal favorite. Made with much creativity, fun and care, this asymmetrical cuff is a stylish blend of suede, glossy, patterned, and hair-on-hide leather pieces, all stitched together to create a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements any casual outfit, while it doesn’t let you forget the most important thing: Smile!

As I often remind myself, “more or less, aren’t we all made of scraps and remnants of our past?” Have you tried making Bracelets from Leather Remnants? Make some with me!

What you will need:

Leather Scraps – the more variety in colors and textures, the better.

Waxed Thread, Needle

Thick Fabric or thin leather/suede to use as the base band for your patchwork.

Leather to use as the cuff’s base (you will sew the patchwork on the band, to hide all stitches)

Buttons for closure (Snap buttons are great!)


Cutting Blade

Charms, Buttons, Beads etc to add a bit of whimsy (or drama)

Patchwork Bracelets from Leather Remnants

Cut the fabric (or thin leather) at the dimensions of the bracelet you need.

Prepare your scraps (refine cutting, choose colors)

Add glue to the fabric

Place every scrap until you fill the whole band (don’t worry if it has pieces sticking out, you will cut them off later!)

Let it dry

Add rivets, buttons, charms, position them as you want.

Punch holes perimetrically on each scrap (2mm holes are ideal for thick and bold stitching)

Turn your band upside down and cut with your cutting blade all around the band, to keep the correct shape.

Stitch everything! (Tip: Contrasting colors work wonders)

Glue the patchwork cuff on the leather band

Punch holes all the way around

Stitch them together.

Add the button closure


Some extra notes:

Perfection has no room here. I don’t believe in perfection anyway, but that’s a story for another time.

A color wheel might come in hand if you can decide how to use your scraps. Here is one:

The general rule is that the color across is complementary and offers a nice, visually attractive contrast. But heck, rules are to not following them 🙂 So, go as you please and how it feels right for you. The wheel though, can be a great inspiration if you are stuck.

Make sure to use the correct button closures. I recently discovered that I have snap buttons that are too short, and they are not suitable for thick leather or thick cuffs (duh)

And if you are too confident, you can try to make something more difficult:

Patchwork wallet

By accident, I promise, it has two compartments and can store cash, cards and coins! I just love it.

Show me what you made with your leather scraps!

P.S. I never made a tutorial before, so if you need any help, just drop a comment. I promise to work on how-to posts to help you get your hands busy!

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