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Nomads Spirit World Map Cuff

32,00  Inc. Vat

Ignite your inner wanderer’s soul with the Nomads Spirit World Map Cuff, a chunky leather bracelet that pays homage to the timeless spirit of exploration.

Ignite your inner wanderer’s soul with the Nomads Spirit World Map Cuff, a chunky leather Bracelet that pays homage to the timeless spirit of exploration and unity. Handcrafted with care and passion for exploration, this unisex leather cuff encapsulates the essence of a nomad’s life, inviting you to embrace the world as your canvas and embark on endless adventures.

Discover the Synergy of Symbolism:

This bracelet is a harmonious blend of elements, each carefully selected for its profound symbolism:

  • Black and Brown Full Grain Leather Combo: Representing the warmth of human connection and grounding amidst diverse journeys, interwoven to mirror the unity of cultures.
  • Silver World Map Charm: A compass for your heart, guiding you to uncharted territories, fostering curiosity, and nurturing unity.
  • Morning Sky Blue Macrame Cord: Reflecting the boundless oceans of our world, urging you to explore beyond the horizon.
  • Turquoise Beads: Evoking the hues of crystal clear waters, a reminder of your freedom to soar amidst open skies and oceans.
  • Coconut Beads: Grounding you, connecting to the earth’s heartbeat as you tread its paths.
  • Glossy Black Onyx Beads: Unveiling the mysteries of distant lands, absorbing the essence of the unknown.

Embrace Limitless Potential:

The Nomads Spirit World Map Cuff is more than a bracelet; it’s a unisex masterpiece that celebrates diversity and unity. Let it serve as your whispered companion on your journey, transcending borders, forging connections, and inviting you to celebrate the nomadic spirit that resides within you. Make this chunky leather bracelet your own personal statement!

Transcend Borders, Leave Footprints:

Embrace the world with open arms, for you are the wanderer destined to leave footprints on distant shores. The Silver World Map Bracelet measures 3 cm (1.18 inches) wide and closes securely with double stud buttons, ensuring a lifetime of wear.

Unite in exploration, celebrate unity, and wear the Nomads Spirit World Map Cuff as a constant reminder that the world is your canvas and your journey knows no bounds.


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